Tenant Representatives

Tuesday 02 June 2015

Written by Meegan Graham


The commercial office leasing market in Australian is flooded with tenant representatives. Tenants from 250m² to 10,000m² are being represented in all sectors of the market from relocation to new premises, rent review negotiations and headcount audits on staff. 

Commercial office leasing is by far the most heavily populated market for tenant's with representation and there is less representation in the industrial leasing market. Many may ask; do tenant representatives add substantial value to the transaction or do they just slow down and complicate the leasing process? Like many services available there are two schools of thought and of course always arguments for and against having a tenant representative as a part of the equation. A well informed leasing agent can provide a similar service and advice to tenant if they are savvy and have a good knowledge of the market they are operating in. So is the extra layer of fees warranted? 

For some of the best informed agents in the Macquarie Park commercial market contact Meegan Graham or Christian Cirillo

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