Sydney Metro coming to you from Macquarie Park

Thursday 03 September 2015

Australia's biggest public transport project is now being delivered from Macquarie Park. The team behind Sydney Metro has relocated here as work ramps up on the $8.3 billion Sydney Metro NorthWest, formerly known as the North West Rail Link. 

Macquarie Park is now home to both Transport for NSW's Sydney Metro delivery office as well as Northwest Rapid Trnasit, the consortium which will be operating Sydney Metro Northwest when services start in 2019. 

Sydney Metro Northwest is the first stage of the 66km Sydney Metro, the city's brand new standalone railway network.

Stetching 36km beyond Rouse Hill to Chatswood, Sydney Metro Northwest has passed the halfway mark and is on track to open in the first half of 2019 with a train every four minutes in the peak. 

The project includes eight new railway stations and 4,000 commuter car parking spaces. The existing five railway stations between epping and Chatswood, including Maquarie Park, will be upgraded to metro rail standards. 

This means there will be 15 trains an hour in the park between Epping and Chatswood - almost four times as many as now.

Stage 2 of Sydney Metro will extend metro rail from the end of Sydney Metro Northwest at Chatswood, under sydney Harbour, through new underground railway stations in the CBD and southwest to Bankstown. 

This section - Sydney Metro City & Southwest - is currently in the early planning stages and is due to open in 2014, delivering an ultimate capacity of a metro train every two minutes in each direction under the Sydney CBD.

Sydney Metro will be the first fully-automated metro railway network in Australia with customer safety firsts like platform screen doors, which keep people and objects away from the railway tracks and allow trains to get in and out of stations much faster.

Trains will run at a contract-mandated 98% on-time running level.

No other form of transport ever before seein in Sydney can move as many people as quickly as Sydney Metro. The metro rail system will be able to move more than 40,000 people an hour, compared with the 24,000 capacity of current Sydney rail lines.

Working together with upgraes to the existing suburban Western Line Sydney Metro will help deliver about 200 trains an hour into the Sydney CBD from all across Sydney in the busy morning peak - that's 60% more than now. 

This massive capacity growth will deliver enough room for an extra 100,000 customers an hour across Sydney.

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