Raine & Horne Business Sales has extensive experience in selling small owner-operator businesses, franchises and multi-million dollar operations. 


The Buying Process with Raine & Horne Commercial Parramatta


Our dedicated Business Sales Team will assist you in finding the business to suit your requirement.   We will work alongside you and ensure your criteria and requirements such as business type, price, location, premises, etc are met.

The Business Sales Team will shortlist a number of businesses suitable to your requirement and will take care of liaison between the business vendor and yourself. Information about a business’s financial records can be made available upon the signing of a confidential agreement, this is designed to protect the vendor's personal and confidential information.


The Selling Process with Raine & Horne Parramatta Commercial Parramatta 


The Raine & Horne Commercial Parramatta Business Sales Team under that selling your business is a big decision, it is one which takes time and careful consideration.

We have the experience and expertise to ensure that you gain an appropriate reward for your business. We provide a variety of services to ensure your business is exposed to the appropriate market and finds the perfect buyer. 

The salesperson will engage in diverse marketing strategies including listing the business on a range of the most popular business for sale websites and contacting known interested parties. 

Most information about the business will be kept confidential if the vendor wishes, and remains classified unless a purchaser signs a confidential agreement to protect the integrity of the business.


To find out more about how Raine & Horne Commercial Parramatta business department can assist you, please contact our office on 02 9633 3100.



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